emergency mitigation services


Mitigation (noun): the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something. FireDEX of Pittsburgh prides itself on having an immediate and effective Emergency Services team. Because disasters and emergencies are so unexpected, we have the staff and equipment ready at all hours of the day, for any size job.  

Emergency and Mitigation services are essential when it comes to the loss on a property. Since each loss is unique, our experienced team is continuously improving its processes. We are equipped to handle water extraction, structural drying, back-up of sewers and drains, dehumidification and daily monitoring of the drying processes in the event that your property sustains water damage.  

Fire and smoke damage is based on a case by case basis. Each fire and smoke damage will then be evaluated based on its severity and complexities and we will find any safety issues or damage that the property may potentially have. FireDEX of Pittsburgh is then able to perform security board ups of windows and doors, temporary roofing repairs and fire, smoke and soot damage restoration. 

Other emergency services include, but are not limited to:  · Biohazard cleanup · Structural damage by vehicle · Furnace Puff-back cleaning and deodorization · Pack-out and Pack-in services with temporary content storage Disasters and emergencies can be a challenging time for any property owner. FireDEX of Pittsburgh is here to give peace of mind, knowing that each step of the way is going to be handled with care and precision.   




FireDEX of Pittsburgh’s Commercial Services division provides quality restoration services and repairs to commercial structures, large and small. Our team works persistently to ensure there is little business interruption and restores the business back to its pre-loss condition. Structures we have worked with include but are not limited to: Banks, Hospitals, High Rise Office Buildings, School Districts, Apartment Complexes, Housing Authorities, Colleges and Universities, Daycare Centers, and Church’s.


  Commercial Services offered:   

 24 Hour Emergency Service
7 Days a Week & Holidays  

Water Extraction & Structural Drying utilizing "State of   Art" Technology 


Daily Monitoring of Drying Process      

Photo inventory of content and 

temporary storage.     

Complete Structural Reconstruction / Repair / Restoration services     

Structural Drying and Environmental Stabilization     

Aqua Dry System – Dries up to 30,000 SF of space   

Hazardous Materials Cleaning and Disposal       

Document Recovery, Reprocessing and Restoration   

Magnetic Media Recovery     

Electronic and Machinery Restoration   

Complete Structural and Content Cleaning Services       

Mold Remediation   

Security Services     

Temporary Office Equipment and Facilities/Drop-ship Operations   

Emergency Notification and Communication Systems    

 Disaster Contingency Planning           

Content Cleaning Division


  When a loss occurs, the home or business is typically not the only thing that has been affected, property owners often find that their belongings have been affected as well. While a majority of the time, one’s possessions are damaged directly from a flood or fire, other times damage can be more indirect such as mold or smoke odors. Whichever the cause is, direct or indirect, the following questions are frequently asked: “Where will my belongings be stored?” “Can this be saved?” FireDEX of Pittsburgh offers superior quality in all phases of a restoration project because we consistently enhance our procedures to offer the best possible service. FireDEX of Pittsburgh has advanced its Content Cleaning Division by offering our customers The Fireline Cleaning System.  Our Content Cleaning Division starts its procedures by creating a master inventory of all items affected by the loss. A Pack-Out procedure is then conducted where all contents are moved from the loss, in air sealed crates, to our facilities, where they will be stored in a secure location.  The next step is sorting and organizing the contents so that they can be properly cleaned and restored. Our team works diligently to restore all contents, either cleaning by hand or through our Fireline Cleaning system. 

This system features high efficiency cleaning, assembly line production technology, ultrasonic content cleaning techniques, and Ozoning. 

 Items that can be handled:  Plasma TV’s, Computers, Kitchen Appliances, Fine China and Crystal, Photo Albums, Tables, Knick-Knacks, etc.    



  FireDEX of Pittsburgh’s Residential Services, a trusted and dependable restoration company for over 30 years, is dedicated to restoring your residence back to the comforts of home. Our professional technicians are reliable and there with you through the entire process, to guarantee you with the best possible outcome after a loss.  We work with 25+ insurance carriers in the Pittsburgh region, and are rated as a top contactor by the Crawford Contractor Connection program.  Residential Services offered: 

      Fire, Smoke & Soot, Damage   Restoration  

 Roofing Repairs (Temporary & Rebuild)   

Furnace Puff Back Cleaning &  Deodorization       

Water Damage Restoration   

Ice / Snow Damage   

Mold Remediation and Disinfection     

Complete Structural Repairs or Rebuild   

Complete Content Cleaning Services  utilizing the Fireline Cleaning System   

Siding Repairs damaged by storm, hail  or wind     

Flooring Repair or Replacement –   Carpeting, Hardwood and Specialty Flooring   

Pack In / Pack out Services with temporary content storage of personal items including moving services to our facility   

Dry Cleaning of personal items damaged by smoke or soot     

Photo Inventory of Contents   

Electronic & Appliance Cleaning   Masonry Repairs     

Interior & Exterior Painting   


Duct Cleaning, Sealing &  Deodorization         

Electrical Wiring, HVAC, Plumbing  Repairs